Banks and Hedge Funds

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Walt Disney

Cave Buyers.  Protecting your assets since 12,000 BC!  We are here to help.  Foreclosures and OREO property upkeep are expensive.  Non-accruals/TDR’s become a real problem and become very expensive.  This will affect both your ALLL and PLLL.  We can help you with this by alleviating the burden of dealing with non-accrual/TDR liabilities.  We have the resources.  We know the trade space.  Let us help you out.

REO’s = expense

REO’s = unable to recognize depreciation for assets that are held for sale.

REO’s = Risk of redemption, and in that period YOU, the bank, are required to pay for upkeep and expenses

REO’s = Recapitalization, Property Preservation Expenses, Insurance Costs, Eviction Costs, Reporting mandates from the Comptroller.  All are expenses you incur, quickly. 

Instead of allowing the property to go to OREO status, why not get proactive and sell the non-accruing/TDR note?  We know how to manage contractors, service loans, deal with foreclosures and deeds in lieu.  We understand lease options, redemption periods and are able to move aggressively in all 50 states.

No portfolio is too big or too small.  Literally.  When you have a special asset that requires assistance, let us handle it.  Your time is valuable and is better spent doing what you do best:  Banking.  Investing.  Producing returns and working with people and clients that want to work with you.  We’ll work with the others.  Give us a call or shoot us an email.  We look forward to working with you.