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Investing is fraught with risk.  The fear of loss from this risk is palpable and is one of the main drivers behind people’s reluctance to participate in the broader experiences involving both business ownership and investing. 

People fear failure.  People fear loss, especially the loss of money.  In addition, people fear being cheated and taken advantage of.  It is because of this fear that most people choose to “play it safe” - never understanding the broader markets or the opportunities available in this amazing country.

Because people “play it safe,” money is never made.  Charities are never funded.  Hospitals are never built.  Treatments for disease are never discovered.  Advancements in all areas of the humanities are never explored – much less shared, due to a lack of resources.  When people stop dreaming and live in fear, the world stops. 

Combatting this mindset is why we exist.  Our investment vehicle to combat dishonesty and fear in the marketplace is real estate, but our broader mission is to educate those that wish to understand and seek to better their station in life.  We, the founders, come from humble beginnings.  We have been cheated, stolen from, lied to and have lost money to unscrupulous people.  It happens - but now that it has happened to us, we are here to make sure it doesn’t happen to any of our partners, investors or allied professionals, as we continue to invest in real estate and its derivatives in the secondary mortgage market. 

When the Cave Buyers come into a deal, we want to make sure that everyone in the deal is adequately compensated, with integrity and style.  (Hey, gotta look good doing it, right?) We have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We do, however, take our investing very seriously and as a result, generate phenomenal returns for our investors.

We are the Cave Buyers, and we insist on a higher standard in investing; hence our motto - Excellence or Nothing. 

"Dream big dreams or you will work for someone who does." – Unknown