Why Invest With Us

Just because it was a bad idea for the bank doesn’t necessarily make it a bad investment.” 

Paul Clayton, Real Estate Investor

Why invest with Cave Buyers?

Responsible due diligence, transparency, all backed by tangible assets.  

We know real estate -- all facets of real estate, skyscrapers, super malls and trailer parks, and everything in between.  Our strategies change depending on the local conditions of the markets that we choose to invest in. These strategies include, but are not limited to, lease-options, sandwich leases, wholesaling, re-structuring financial deals, flash funding, and sophisticated purchases on the secondary mortgage market.  Our staff includes licensed mortgage loan originators as defined by the Dodd-Frank Act. This gives us a distinct advantage in the creation of, and re-structuring of, sophisticated real estate investments that are not available to the average real estate investor.